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New Unit Emblem

May 8, 2023

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The emblem for Sonoma County Composite Squadron 157 contains the following symbolism:

“Cassiopeia” Constellation: Cassiopeia is a large five-star constellation located in the northern sky. The constellation as a whole represents the unit’s dedication to Civil Air Patrol’s mission of providing Aerospace Education. The five stars are shown in silver as a tribute to one of Sonoma County’s most prominent residents – General of the Air Force H.H. “Hap” Arnold – who retired in Sonoma Valley in 1946. The five silver stars are equal to the number associated with the grade of ‘General of the Air Force’, where H.H. “Hap” Arnold is the only individual in U.S. Air Force history to have held such a commission.

While living in Sonoma Valley, General of the Air Force H.H. “Hap” Arnold served on the Sonoma County Fair Board of Directors, was appointed as chairperson of the California Fish and Game Commission, and authored articles for the Sonoma Index-Tribune. The City of Sonoma’s ‘Arnold Drive’ was also named after him.

“Mount Saint Helena” Silhouette: The mountain basin beneath the stars of Cassiopeia is Mount Saint Helena, a peak in the Mayacamas Mountains with flanks in Napa, Sonoma, and Lake counties of California. The mountain represents the unit’s constancy and permanence within Sonoma County.

Barrel of Grapes: Sonoma County is a collection of intricate agricultural industries and communities. The barrel of grapes represents the county’s core link to its agrarian roots. As to the unit itself, the barrel of grapes represents the collective work ethic of Senior Members and Cadets; through hard work, innovation, wingmanship, and volunteer service, the unit is able to produce a plentiful community service to Sonoma County as it has done since 1998.

Coloration: The emblem is composed of six colors, the allowable limit pursuant to CAPR 110-3. Their meanings on the emblem are as follows:

  • Silver/Gray - Represents volunteerism and the unit’s dedication to Civil Air Patrol.
  • Dark Navy Blue - Represents “the American skies” as our primary theater of operations and our connection to the U.S. Air Force as its official auxiliary. 
  • Olive Green – Represents the unit’s down-to-earth culture and connection to the agricultural-rich Sonoma County.
  • Brown – Represents the unit’s dependability and reliability as a force multiplier in emergency services and community response.
  • Beige – Represents the sturdiness of the unit, signifying that its membership will not quit or back down from challenge.
  • Purple – Represents the creativity of the unit’s membership and its ability to always think “One Step Ahead.” 

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