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Cadet Programs

Cadet Programs

The Cadet Programs aspect, is one of the three main missions of the Civil Air Patrol. The cadet program offers many wonderful opportunities to kids. This program will prepare them for their future careers; whether it be the military or another job that they choose.

Requirements to join

  • The age limit is 12 - 18
  • Must attend four meetings before you join
  • The cost to join is $40.00
  • You must be eager to motivate yourself and others

About the Cadet Program

While there are countless youth programs across the United States, the Civil Air Patrol’s Cadet Program at Squadron 157 is unique in its approach to build service-oriented, self-motivating American leaders through its aerospace-centered education program. The Cadet Program introduces young aspiring leaders from ages 12 through 21 to dynamic, practical leadership skills as they progress through a challenging 16-step education/hands-on curriculum where cadets are exposed to aerospace education, leadership training, physical fitness and moral leadership. Civil Air Patrol, in coordination with the United States Air Force, affords cadets multiple opportunities to become intricately involved in technical fields such as engineering, aircraft mechanics, aerospace medicine, flight training, photography, astronomy, meteorology, as well as many others. These opportunities are available to Civil Air Patrol cadets at the local, state, national, and international level. Whatever a cadet’s interest may be – survival training, astronomy, aerial search and rescue, military drill, teaching - there is a place for that interest in Civil Air Patrol with motivated adult instructors who will explore every possible option to unite a cadet with that interest.

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