Sonoma County Composite Squadron 157
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Aerospace Education

Civil Air Patrol’s Aerospace Education Program focuses on volunteer Civil Air Patrol members and the general public. The program ensures that all members have an appreciation for, and knowledge of, historical and modern aerospace issues. To advance within the organization, members are required to participate in the educational program. Aerospace educators at Civil Air Patrol's National Headquarters at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, provide current materials that reflect the highest standards of educational excellence. Cadets complete aerospace education as one of the requirements to progress through the achievement levels of the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program.

Senior members have a responsibility to become knowledgeable of aerospace issues and the Aerospace Education Program that Civil Air Patrol provides. As an effort to support our local community, Squadron 157 members share aerospace information with our local communities and school systems by hosting aerospace workshops and distributing informational material at aerospace-related events across Sonoma County and the northern bay area. Civil Air Patrol's external aerospace programs are conducted through our nation's educational system. Each year, Civil Air Patrol sponsors many workshops in states across the nation, reaching hundreds of educators and thereby thousands of young people. These workshops highlight basic aerospace knowledge and focus on advances in aerospace technology. At Squadron 157, members not only participate in aerospace education, but are trained to become instructors that possess the tenacity and discipline to teach aerospace to fellow Civil Air Patrol members and members of our local community.

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